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There will be two persons in a team. One of them will take up a chit and read the movie name and will draw something related to the movie. The other person will guess the name of the movie by help seeing the drawing of other.


Purchase your tickets. If you can choose the amount of your ticket, start out small to minimize potential losses. Look at your Housie ticket. In the first column you will see numbers from 1 to 9, in the second the numbers 10 to 19 appear, the third contains 20 to 29. This pattern continues until the final column (the eighth) which contains the numbers 80 to 90. Listen to the caller. She will call out numbers. When you have those numbers, mark them with a highlighter, bingo marker or similar instrument. There will be several in-game rules for instance - Make a row. If the numbers called fill a row on your Housie card, you can win if you are the first to call out. Signify your win by calling out “Housie!” Strategize. If you are feeling lucky, bet more on your Housie ticket to win bigger, or wait to see if you can fill more than one row before someone else does. Play by the rules. Don’t criticize the game strategy of your opponents, and don’t try to distract them. Mos

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A game of Snake and Ladder is back with a twist this Niturutsav. So buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of Actinides, Lanthanides and much more amidst meandering snakes and unrelenting ladders. Whoever reaches the “Magic Number” 118 battling his way through the elements first takes home the chicken dinner.


Love-Booth’ is an exciting booth for valentine goodies and exquisite handmade cards. Personalized gifts available too.

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This NU, find a stranger who can fill your life with love and passion.


A unique competition judging your dancing skills and your chemistry with your partner. The concept of the event is the pairs participating have to dance on a sheet of paper when the music plays and have to stop dancing when music stops. The sheet is folded into a half after every round and the pairs have to dance within the boundaries of the sheet. The sheet is folded till only a foot fits on the sheet and finally, the pair who can endure the diminishing sheet wins the game. A large crowd gathers to witness this event and is an amazing platform to showcase your moves. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to win this event.