This event requires two or more participants. While one of them will wear a pair of headphones and listen to the music that is played, the others present will try to voice out different adjectives. The team that successfully guesses the most number of adjectives right will be declared as the winner.


This game is played in 2 teams. The participants will be given a fictional case and they will get 5 minutes to prepare arguments in favour of their side and against the other. Both the sides will be heard out and the judge and the jury will then declare the decision. Participants can take the help of internet to look for various stuff to support their side of the case.

Lit 2 3.jpg

Multiple levels of entertainment wrapped up in one package; we put the LIT in Olympics.

stranger tales A3.jpg

Each participant is given a crossword to solve. After finding the words from the puzzle they are supposed to weave a story using those words. The one who comes up with the most interesting and captivating story wins


Hey you! Yeah, you. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And we, the fine folks, at Hourglass believe that pictures can change the world. Whether it be telling a story, passing a jibe or even a satirical quip. On this note, we bring you Pic-a-thon—an online Pre NU event where we show you pictures and sketches- for you to exercise your brains and cunning to find out the solution based on the myriad of cues before you. Sign on to know more and win big! fb link : 1942656446064035/?tsid=0.49073247594572267&source=result


Quest and hunger for knowledge is inevitable. In this rat racing world where we thrive for knowledge and power, one cannot find a better platform to display one’s intellect than a quiz. Usually quizzes are all about science and technology. Breaking all the stereotypes, *AIChE NITR Student Chapter* has come up with a fun event this NitrUtsav (NU), named *“Mendeelevean Show”*. The game incorporates a dart game followed by a quiz based on all fields like cinema, novels, TV series.This is a team game with two participants in each team. Come and be a part of this unique game. Exciting prizes awaits the top two teams. Carry a pen along with you.


Look for answer, that's in front of your eyes. Plot twists, blood spilled, it's all in vice. A ring master, drug dealer, what will it be next? Will the spiders lead the trail, From the dungeons will it stew? With darkness and knives, we'll spin you a tale. Solve this mystery for us, and to justice you'll sail.


Bring out the Picasso in you with a painting competition like never before! At Graff-e-Spruzzi, it's all about art that speaks to the onlooker and the talented artists behind them. Indulge in the magic of colours and show the world the finesse of your hands.

MUSICAL A3~2.jpg

Remember that time, when we used to laugh without a care in the world. Oh! The games we used to play; Kit-Kit, Lock and Key, Bubblegum, Hide and Seek and every other game we invented. Nitrutsav is giving you a chance to be a child again with the event MUSICAL CHAIRS. Come, play, and be a child. Release the Monkeychumps in you.

tug of war.jpg

A show of strength, an adrenaline rush and a bond of friendship that comes from a team. Nitrutsav brings you all of this in the TUG OF WAR. So bring in your worrior face, put all your strength and more and pull your opponent to your side. 'Cause there's no greater high than the rush of winning.


Notice a face so beautiful, you know will make a great geisha. Those cheekbones, hmmm...won't he make a great batman? If your hand itches for a brush everytime you see a face, if your ideal canvas is skin so smooth; well wait no more. Participate in the FACE PAINTING competition and transform a face to someone else, someone more.


Two sides. One ball. One trophy. Sounds like a regular football game doesn't it. There's just one catch-the match is in the swimming pool. Bring your mates, donn a swimsuit, form a team and play for the win, all the while managing to stay afloat. Nitrutsav brings you WATER POLO, where your skills with the ball matters as much as your agility inside the water.